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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Trans Space Octopus Congregation, by Bogi Takács

QSFer Bogi Takács has a new queer sci fi collection out: “The Trans Space Octopus Congregation.” This new collection from the Lambda Literary Award-winning author and editor of Transcendent 2 2 offers plenty of thrills – and bonus tentacles – for readers of LGBTQ-focused speculative literature. The stories range from magical space opera to cheerful body horror and historical fantasy, always with a sense of hope amid adversity. The mystical and magical merge with the scientific and technological: sacred texts gain new interpretations in the light of nuclear physics, and people save a forest with computer science. Cephalopods build alliances and research … Read more

Out of the Past: LGBTQ Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror 2010 – present

     As part of my ongoing history of LGBTQ+ speculative fiction, I’m in the process of doing interviews with authors, editors and reviewers who are working in different areas of the genre that I’m not as familiar with. I’m hoping to boost the signal on some of their projects, too so please check out their writings and other projects. There’ll be interviews with various folks on trans and nonbinary spec fic, indie queer romance, new trends and recommendations for short fiction and other fun things coming up as well as my essays on different aspects of the field. I hope … Read more