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When A marvel Film Almost Went Gay…

disco ball - pixabay

Long before the stubbornly-heterosexual Marvel Cinematic Universe, cinema-goers were almost treated to a camp superhero epic that would have pitted Cher and KISS against Donna Summer and her Village People army. In 1979, Casablanca Records and some Hollywood execs wanted Marvel to piece together a script for a movie about Dazzler, an all-singing mutant superhero who can convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams, making her a literal blast at parties. Dazzer had made her comic book debut earlier that year, conceived in response to the rise of disco and in the hopes that Marvel would be able to … Read more

Find Your Ooga Boo With Cher

Ooga Boo

A delightfully weird release came down the pike from Cher this week, a new track called “Ooga Boo” from the animated children’s television show Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh, streaming now on Netflix. The music video finds Cher styled as an aqua-colored extraterrestrial adorned in various lavish outfits, all the while traveling through space with the title characters, at one point landing on a throne for one Chercophonie. Marking Cher’s first song in several years — her last release was the 2014 single “I Walk Alone,” off her 2013 album Closer to the Truth — the electro-inspired track personifies … Read more