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Chuck Tingle Trolls Anti-Trans Governor

Chuck Tingle vs. Governor Abbott

Erotica author Chuck Tingle, known for his work involving gay dinosaurs, unicorns, and Bigfoot, has bought a Texas governor’s website after he came under fire for comparing trans healthcare to “child abuse”. Tingle, who has written iconic erotica including My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass and Buttageddon, bought out Texas governor Greg Abbott’s website, in order to fundraise for several transgender charities. “If you’re not frothing at the mouth with belligerent hatred and ignorant bigotry, then maybe supporting Gorg Abbott isn’t for you,” Tingle said on the page. “If something seems off about this website, it’s possible you may … Read more

The Hugos: The Puppies are Back

Hugo Awards

ON TUESDAY, NOMINEES for speculative fiction’s highest honor, the Hugo Awards, were announced—and while the shortlist has stoked some controversy recently, this year passed almost entirely without incident. The Best Novel category featured widely praised works by Ada Palmer, Cixin Lu, even WIRED contributors N. K. Jemisin and Charlie Jane Anders. But lower down, nearly escaping notice in Best Novelette, was a name few people had ever seen before: Stix Hiscock. Three things immediately stuck out about this. One is the obvious nom de schwing, which reads like a rejected prank-call name for Moe to call out on The Simpsons. … Read more

What’s Up With the Hugos This Year?

A dinosaur gay anal sex book is in the running for a prestigious science fiction award, but why? Chuck Tingle, the erotic fiction novella writer behind such classics as ‘My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass’, ‘Pounded In The Butt By Own Butt’ and ‘Happy Birthday Frankenstein, Now Pound My Butt’, is a finalist for a Hugo award. He is nominated for his short story, ‘Space Raptor Butt Invasion’. The Sad Puppies and Rapid Puppies movements, separate but similar conservative anti-‘social justice warrior groups’, have campaigned to get many of their preferred nominations on the final ballot. Since 2013, the Sad … Read more