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SPACE: What Are Dark Sirens, And Why Should You Care?

black hole - pixabay

In recent years, cosmologists have been faced with a crisis: The universe is expanding, but no one can agree on how fast it’s moving away from us. That’s because different ways of measuring the Hubble constant, a fundamental parameter that describes this expansion, have produced conflicting results. But a single, lucky observation of what are known as dark sirens — black holes or neutron stars whose crashes can be picked up by gravitational wave detectors on Earth but remain invisible to ordinary telescopes — could help resolve this tension. As the cosmos expands, galaxies in the universe move away from … Read more

SPACE: Cosmic Triple Treat Tomorrow Night

comet - pixabay

Comet Turn your eyes to the sky this Friday night and prepare for a series of spectacular celestial sights. A penumbral lunar eclipse, a full moon and a comet will all be visible from across North America ― weather permitting. The full “Snow Moon,” so-called because February is usually the snowiest month in the U.S., is set to appear slightly darker than usual as it crosses through a peripheral part of the Earth’s shadow. By Lee Moran – Full Story at The Huffington Post