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New BBC Dracula Series Creator: Dracula is Bi-Homicidal, Not Bisexual

BBC Dracula

As countless viewers prepare to tune into BBC One on New Year’s Day to watch Dracula, PinkNews just wanted to run a short public service announcement that the count is not bisexual. He is, according to the series’ co-writer Steven Moffat, “bi-homicidal”. ‘Dracula has always fed off men and women,’ says Steve Moffat. With gay Sherlock co-writer Mark Gatiss also at the helm, the adaptation of the Bram Stoker 1897 classic has been immersed in fan speculation about the head vampire himself’s sexuality. Chiefly, that he might be bisexual. Moffat told The Times, however, that it is not quite accurate … Read more

Jeff Baker, Boogieman in Lavender: Of Dracula and Dragons

                                                            By Jeff Baker             He is one of the most famous characters in fiction, certainly the most famous vampire. He is Dracula, also known as Count Dracula. Not popular fiction’s first vampire, or even the second, but the template from which the others either followed or diverged.             And any writer, reader or fan of vampire-themed fiction should read “Dracula,” the novel from which all the movies sprang. Published in 1897 it is an epistolary novel; that is, one told through letters and journals and diary entries of the characters. Dracula himself does not appear in much of … Read more

What’s Beneath the Transylvanian Castle That Imprisoned ‘Dracula’? – Live Science

Corvin Castle - Pixabay

A historic Transylvanian castle that may have once imprisoned Vlad the Impaler — likely inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula — still stands today. But what lies beneath it? Because of centuries of rebuilding and additions, archaeologists weren’t sure where the castle’s original foundation lay. [24 Amazing Archaeological Discoveries] However, new research using radar scans of the ground beneath the structure is revealing what’s going on below the building’s imposing facade. The findings were presented on Wednesday (Dec. 12) here at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Castelul Corvinilor — also known as Corvin Castle, Hunedoara Castle or Hunyadi … Read more