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Elvira Lost Fans After Coming Out

Elvira - Twitter

Elvira actor Cassandra Peterson has revealed some of her fandom – including “straight people” and “horny old men” – unfollowed her after she came out as queer. Peterson, best-known as the Mistress of The Dark, came out as part of the LGBT+ community in September, revealing she has been in a relationship with a woman for almost 20 years. Now, the horror goddess has opened up about the reaction to her coming out on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef. Peterson said she felt her coming out “flipped everybody out”. She added: “Nobody was ready for that.” She … Read more

Elvira is Queer! (But We always Kinda Knew)

Elvira - Twitter

Horror goddess Elvira has come out of the crypt and revealed that she has been in a relationship with a woman for 19 years. Cassandra Peterson, the actress behind the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, opened up about her relationship with Teresa ‘T’ Wierson in her newly released memoir Yours Cruelly, Elvira. The iconic movie star and host shared that she first met Wierson at the Hollywood Gold’s Gym after initially mistaking her for a “dark and brooding” man with “intense energy”. She explained that she eventually discovered the “sexy bad boy” was a woman, and they struck up a … Read more