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Pee Wee Herman & Ginger Spice Will be In Animated Film About Transgender Fish Princess

The Crown With A Shadow

Actors Paul Reubens, Gerri Halliwell, and Tatum O’Neal will join a host of transgender actors in an animated film about Oliver, a transgender fish prince destined to be queen. Queer filmmaker JB Ghuman, Jr.’s The Crown With A Shadow is based on the real-world Pink Skunk clownfish. The amazing tropical fish swims in schools headed by a large dominant female with a secondary male “breeder” fish that is larger than all the other males. When the ruling female dies, the breeder fish turns into a female and the next largest male steps up the fish hierarchy to become her companion. … Read more

NATURE: This Vampire Parasite Eats Tongues

tongue-eating louse

When scientists recently X-rayed a fish’s head, they found a gruesome stowaway: A “vampire” crustacean had devoured, then replaced, its host’s tongue. The buglike isopod, also called a tongue biter or tongue-eating louse, keeps sucking its blood meals from a fish’s tongue until the entire structure withers away. Then the true horror begins, as the parasite assumes the organ’s place in the still-living fish’s mouth. Biologist Kory Evans, an assistant professor in the Department of BioSciences at Rice University in Houston, Texas, discovered the tongue biter while digitizing X-rays of fish skeletons. He shared images of the surprising and horrifying … Read more

Contraceptives Changing the Gender of Fish

fish - pixabay

Contraceptive pills and chemicals in cleaning products that are flushed down toilets and drains are turning male fish into female fish, new research has shown. According to the study, the remnants of cleaning products, chemicals and of contraceptive pills have been giving male fish female characteristics. A new study carried out by leading fish biologist, Professor Charles Tyler from the University of Exeter, has found that one in five male river fish are being affected. The study found that some male river fish are displaying a reduced sperm quality and some males are even producing eggs. The chemicals in the contraceptive pill, … Read more