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NEW RELEASE: DR. Z – Christa Tomlinson

DR. Z - Christa Tomlinson

QSFer Christa Tomlinson has a new MM superhero romance out, Arch City Guardians book 2: DR. Z. Mike Zielinski has joined St. Louis’s superhero team under his new secret identity as Dr. Z. He’s partnered with Aiden Saliette, code name: Stardust. Determined to keep their relationship professional, Mike hides his attraction to his gorgeous partner behind a no-nonsense exterior. Until one night, in an unguarded moment between them, he reveals his secret desire. Aiden loves being a superhero. What he doesn’t love is being stuck with an uptight new partner. But he grudgingly accepts Dr. Z’s help in order to … Read more

INTERVIEW: Alex Wolfson

The Young Protectors

One of our favorite gay superhero comic writers has an interview over at Gay Star News: We caught up with Alex Woolfson, creator of The Young Protectors series, to share superhero fantasies and talk about how to make it as a gay comic book writer. When did you first discover your passion for comics and graphic novels? I’d always read and enjoyed comic books as a kid, but there was one story arc I read as a teenager that had a powerful effect on me – the God Loves, Man Kills arc of the X-Men. In that story, religious fundamentalists … Read more

Dispatches from Hogwarts G.S.A.: In tribute to a Hero: Perry Moore

Perry Moore

For this month’s dispatch, we thought we’d write about an innovator and an activist in queer fantasy who left us much too soon. Perry Moore (1971-2011) was an author, screenwriter, and a film director. He was probably best known for The Chronicles of Narnia franchise. Widely regarded as smart, influential, and not incidentally a handsome guy, Moore accumulated an impressive Hollywood resumé by his mid-thirties. Though his work was behind the scenes, he seemed to fit the moniker “golden boy” in a lot of ways. Moore was also an openly gay man in an industry where, if being gay was … Read more

LGBT Superheroes Brought to Life in Stunning New Trailer

If you want to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend or are an LGBT fan of comics hoping for more LGBT representation in comics, you’ll likely enjoy a new video that imagines what would happen if major movie studios portrayed openly LGBT superheroes. Director Mike Buonaiuto created a video titled #LGBTSuperheroes which urges studios to “stick to the script” when it comes to the sexual identities of some famous superheroes. Writes Buonaiuto on YouTube: Iceman, Mystique, Catwoman & many others are LGBT in the comic books but appear as straight on screen. It’s time all superheroes were accurately portrayed. By Sean Mandell – Full Story … Read more

Queer Superheroes

LGBT Superheroes

The topic of queer comics and superheroes is getting a power boost with the first European museum exhibition dedicated to the genre, “Superqueeroes.” Running through Tuesday at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, the exhibition features depictions of mainstream characters such as the X-Men and Batman families as well as the underground art of queer comics from the fantastic to the everyday lives of LGBTQI people. Queer comics creator and historian Justin Hall (No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics) is one of the many people who have helped curate the groundbreaking exhibition. Hall recently spoke with The Advocate about … Read more

Coming Out as Gay Superheroes

Stripling Warrior

When the mutant superhero Iceman came out last month — thanks to a one-two punch of his prying telepathic teammate and a time-travel visit from his younger self — he immediately became the most prominent gay comic book character. But his revelation was far from the only story line involving gay, lesbian and transgender characters in the fast-evolving world of comic-book narratives. In October, Alysia Yeoh, a transgender friend of Batgirl, and her girlfriend Jo were married in a simple ceremony unmarred by super-villainy; Peter Parker, perhaps better known as Spider-Man, attended the wedding of Max Modell, his scientific mentor … Read more