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FOR WRITERS & READERS: I’m Not Ready for the Future

future - pixabay

FOR WRITERS & READERS Today’s topic comes from QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth: I’ve always loved stories about the future. Flying cars, jet packs, phasers and light sabers and all that. But now we seem to be running willy-nilly into into these things with few safeguards and so much greed, I’m not so sure. We’re getting driverless cars, but they may kill people or be hacked. We’re getting AI, but they might take over the world. So what futuristic tech scares the dickens out of you now that it’s almost here – and why? Join the chat

Discussion: New Inventions


New things are invented all the time. Sure, there are the classics. Fire. The wheel. Electricity. The lightbulb. The Swiffer WetJet. But there are also many small inventions… things that make our lives easier or solve a problem. And every now and then, something revolutionary comes along, ans ushers in a new age. Like computers and the internet. So what new invention do you think could revolutionize modern day society? And what implications, if any, would it have for the LGBT community?