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Announcement: Glass Lions, by J.D. Glass

Glass Lions

QSFer J.D. Glass has a new FF Paranormal book out: Fran has it all, or so it seems. A scholarship for a pending law degree, a wealthy family, and the promise of a job when it’s all said and done. But she also has a secret. She is a member of the Circle, an order sworn to fight the Darkness in its many forms. Fran is bound by her oath and her blood. And by her love for the Wielder, the centre of the Circle’s power. Until the day comes when she must choose between love or the greatest good … Read more

Announcement: First Blood, by JD Glass

First Blood

QSFer JD Glass has a new paranormal book out: Unless you’ve got werewolves in your family or something, Samantha Cray’s family secrets beat out yours—hands down. When the aftermath of a tragedy causes Samantha Cray to stay for a while in Europe, she gets more than she bargained for. Some people go to Europe to study their genealogical history, but Samantha’s visit to Europe reveals her genealogical destiny as The Wielder. She is invited to join The Circle, a group that works in the shadows to fight back against a mysterious force they call The Dark. When Samantha’s longtime best … Read more