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Worldbuilding Week Day One: Languages

Worldbuilding Week

Welcome to the second annual Worldbuilding Week at QSF. We’ll talk about all aspects of building a world for your story, including languages; alien/magical races; history and timelines; culture and politics; sex, marriage and reproduction; and tools and techniques. It should be a lot of fun. Today we’re talking about languages, and Loren Rhoads will be our moderator. Here’s Loren’s take: One of the things I love about the Star Wars universe is the diversity of species in the background characters. Unfortunately, beyond Chewbacca, Admiral Ackbar, and Nien Nunb, few aliens who are good guys speak. When I wrote my … Read more

Interview: Loren Rhoades

Loren Rhoads

One of our own, Loren Rhoades, was interviewed on SF Signal: Loren Rhoads is the author of the “In the Wake of the Templars” space opera trilogy. She is also the author of the “As Above, So Below” paranormal novel. The Dangerous Type, the first book in the Templars trilogy, made io9’s list of must read science fiction, Barnes & Noble’s sci fi/fantasy picks, and Barnes and Noble’s 9 Space Operas’s to Read While You’re Waiting for Ancillary Mercy. The second edition of As Above, So Below will be out in April and a sequel will be out in November. … Read more

Announcement: The Dangerous Type, by Loren Rhoads

The Dangerous Type

QSFer Loren Rhoads has a new bi sci fi book out: Entombed for twenty years, Raena Zacari — one of the galaxy’s most dangerous assassins — has been freed. The first thing on her mind is revenge against Thallian, the insane war criminal who enslaved Raena, turned her into a killing machine, then left her for dead. When Thallian discovers she has escaped, he’s willing to risk everything — including his army of cloned sons — to bring her back under his control. Gavin Sloane saved Raena once, only to lose her to Thallian. Since then he’s been desperately searching … Read more