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For Writers: Urban Fantasy vs. Magical Realism

Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Therese Woodson: I’d love to talk more about Urban Fantasy – what classifies something as urban fantasy vs magical realism vs regular fantasy. This is a topic near and dear to my own heart – as I write a bit of both. I’d say urban fantasy presupposes a whole magical framework in our world, while magical realism is more subtle – almost a heightened reality. So my questions today – how do you define Urban Fantasy? How do you define Magical Realisim? And how do you think they are different from one another? Join … Read more

“Between the Lines” by J. Scott Coatsworth

Genre: Gay Urban Fantasy Romance Length: Novella   Brad Weston is the chief of staff for a Republican California state senator, and it seems like he has everything going for him. Sam Fuller, fresh out of college, is also working for the GOP as Weston’s aid. They work hard for their party, even when they face constant homophobia, but neither really knows how bad they’re discriminated against until Weston enters an antique shop, looking for a present for his boyfriend for their anniversary. The enchanted trinket he finds exposes Weston to all the hate in the world, and the revelations … Read more

Announcement: Between the Lines, by J. Scott Coatsworth

Between the Lines

Hey all, It’s finally here – my very first stand-alone story, in the form of a novella from Dreamspinner Press called “Between the Lines” (save 25% at the DSP store with code BTLRC). This is one of my favorite little stories – my love letter to Sacramento. Sacramento is our adopted hometown. Mark and I moved here in 2003 looking for a little more room at a better price than the Bay Area offered. We never planned to stay, but here we are, twelve years later, and SacTown has gotten under our skin. It was fun to explore the city … Read more

Announcement: Bits of Magic, by Angela Bendetti

Bits of Magic

Torquere Press author Angela Benedetti has a new fantasy collection out: There’s magic in the world, and its hiding in plain sight. Your friends, your neighbors, the guy who runs your favorite restaurant — any of them could be more than they seem. A man trick-or-treating with his son finds the courage to go after what he wants when he confiscates and eats some unwrapped candy. A park ranger who’s afraid of outing himself in public is reminded that his lover will — and can — protect him, no matter what. An apprentice mage learns that his master never forgets … Read more