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FOR READERS: Favorite Comics/Graphic Novels

Empyre #4

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Ryane: What are some of your favorite queer spec fic comics/manga/webcomics? What hooked you about them?If linking: Please provide only legal links. Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Join the chat: FB:

ANNOUNCEMENT: grydscaen: metropolis

grydscaen metropolis

QSFer Natsuya Uesugi has a new MM sci fi book out in his grydscaen series: grydscaen: metropolis. Lino Dejarre returns to the City and must pick up the mantle of leadership as the Atlantea Federation terrorizes the border. Brokering a deal with the neighboring United Municipalities, Lino must make political maneuvers to remove the blemish of his trance channeler’s mistakes. When the Atlantea Federation operative Riuho attacks the Packrats, Faid is faced with the daunting task of confronting the former Packrat leader. The stakes couldn’t be higher when Riuho’s lies bring chaos and threaten Faid’s life. Can the Packrats survive? … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY – grydscaen: beginnings, by Natsuya Uesugi

grydscaen: beginnings

Natsuya Uesugi has a new queer sci fi book out: Faid Callen is tired of life on the run in the Echelons trying to keep his psychic power in check. He founds the Packrats, a group of cyberterrorist hackers. A young powerful Psi Faction operative, Lino Dejarre, is sent on a mission to capture Faid. Wanting to keep Lino under control, the Psi Faction kidnaps his half-brother, Riuho, and they take him prisoner, experiment on him, train him, and subject him to mind control. When Lino is assigned to a high stakes diplomatic mission to reveal a traitor, he finds … Read more

FOR READERS: Favorite Queer Spec Fic Manga/Anime

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Kari trenten: What queer or spec fic manga/anime TV or book series did you truly love? What yaoi/yuri spec fic books are your faves? Which webcomics or graphic novels get you going? This is a legacy chat. Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Join the chat

ANNOUNCEMENT: graphic noiz manga 2, by Natsuya Uesugi

graphic noiz manga 2

QSFer Natsuya Uesugi has a new MM manga book out: The nineteen year old, amateur manga artist Noiz is partnering with bestselling science fiction writer Shiro Ijima to create the Fissure manga. As work on the manga continues at a fever pitch to meet the publisher’s deadline, the writer persists on teasing the artist making subtle advances then pulling back harshly. Shiro’s aloofness only feeds the insecure artist’s attraction. When Noiz is beaten by punks for being gay, the encounter sends Shiro to the streets of New York City fueled by a past addiction that ends up ruining his reputation. … Read more

Graphic Novel / Web Comic Week: Day One – Natsuya Uesugi

Natsuya uesugi

Hey all, The long-awaited second annual graphic novel week is here! Each day we’ll be interviewing a different graphic novel writer, artist or team. Natsuya uesugi Today: Natsuya uesugi – author of the grydscaen series, who is now moving into illustrated versions of his work: Natsuya uesugi is a systems analyst and has worked in the design of aerospace, semiconductor and financial systems. With a Master’s Degree in International Management and a minor in Japanese, Natsuya has been around computers most of his life. He also studied animation and game design in art school where he finalized the character designs … Read more