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Review: “The Girl in Gold” by Beth Lyons

Title: The Girl in Gold Series: Vox Swift #2 Author: Beth Lyons Genre: Lesbian Urban Fantasy Publisher: Amazon Pages: 212 Blurb Vox Swift returns for a second mystery. This time Vox stumbles upon the body of a strange girl in a sparkly gold dress, dead in the library of one of the richest men in Thornbury. Who is she? Who killed her? “No one knew the girl in gold. She seemed the most improbable of murder victims, at least on the surface. But as happens in life and in murder cases, you follow a path of ideas, theories, wrong turns, … Read more

Announcement: Blood & Tears, by Ethan Stone

Blood and Tears

DSP Publications Author Ethan Stone has a new Mystery and Suspense book out: The last thing Gabe Vargas wants to do after nearly dying is to leave his young son. But that’s exactly what FBI Agent Drew Bradley is asking him to do. According to Drew, the only way to protect Gabe and find his wife’s killer is to fake Gabe’s death. With an already established adversarial relationship, protecting a hothead like Gabe isn’t exactly a picnic for Drew either. But Drew lets his guard down and a desire for Gabe leaves him confused. Before the crime can be solved, … Read more