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REVIEW: Where Evil Begins – Matt Converse

Where Evil Begins - Matt Converse

Genre: Horror LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Tyler is a sexy young newbie to the New York City leather scene. When he eyes a muscled, masked stranger, his hunky best friend Andrés warns him to be careful due to the string of recent murders in the leather community. The masked stranger hides more than his face, and that is revealed when you go back far enough. True evil is made, not born.  The Review In NYC there are clubs that cater to leather kink – including The Hammer, The Guillotine and The Eagle. Some … Read more

News: NYC to London in 30 Minutes?

Gone are the days of Concorde, when passengers made a transatlantic crossing in just under four hours, but super-sonic commercial jets may be making a comeback. A new plane, in a patent phase, may be able to transfer passengers from NYC to London in about a half hour. The Skreemr was created by Charles Bombardier and Ray Mattison hope to one day use technology that compresses the incoming air for engine combustion (instead of a tank on board). The technology will then propel the lightweight plane to a jaw dropping 7,6723 mph–exceeding Mach 10. The plans so far would see … Read more