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FILM: Oscar Isaac Wants to Keep Poe’s Love Life ‘Fluid’ in Star Wars

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac is talking about his Star Wars character’s love life again. In a recent interview, he said he wants to keep Poe’s love life ‘as fluid as possible’. While speaking with the Huffington Post, he broached the topic of a favorite fan theory: that Poe is not only a great Resistance hero, but queer as well. Pablo Hidalgo’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi ― The Visual Dictionary, the official guidebook to the film, revealed a fun fact about Poe. He wears a ring on a necklace, given to him by his mother. The guidebook says he’s ‘waiting to share … Read more

STAR WARS: Oscar Isaac Endorses Idea of Finn-Poe Romance

Oscar Isaac

A bisexual Star Wars fan got actor Oscar Isaac to ‘full endorse’ the theory that Poe Dameron hooks up with ex-Stormtrooper Finn. The rumor of a romance between Finn (John Boyega) and Poe (Isaac) was ignited in The Force Awakens, after they were seen gazing at one another. Disappointingly, their rumored romance was not addressed in follow-up Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But one fan wanted to get to the bottom of it in the hope that the pair lock lips by the end of the trilogy. Madeline, 16, caught wind that Isaac would be appearing on WABC’s Live With … Read more