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FOR WRITERS: When Phones Attack

smart phone - pixabay

FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Kari trenten: Has the phone ringing ever jarred you right out of writing a scene, leaving you with Less Than Friendly Thoughts about whomever is calling? (It may seem like a silly question, but I’d love some company in grumbling about this! :)) Writers: This is a writer chat – you are welcome to share your own book/link, as long as it fits the chat, but please do so as part of a discussion about the topic. Join the chat: FB: MeWe:

Discussion: Smart Phones of the Future


Every year, there’s a new iPhone. And five or six new Galaxies. And they basically look the same – a little bigger, maybe a little curved, but essentially a big screen on a rectangular body. Maybe the color changes a bit, but the iPhone 6s would still be recognizable to an iPhone 1 user. And yet, if you look at the jump from the first cell phones to the Motorola flip phone, or from there to the iPhone, the leaps were pretty evolutionary. So it seems like we’re due for something new, and if history is any guide, there will … Read more