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ANNOUNCEMENT: Clear Sight, by Alex Silver

Clear Sight

QSFer Alex Silver has a new MM urban fantasy out, book four in the Psions of Spire series: “Clear Sight.” When the slightest touch triggers visions of horror, you learn not to let anyone close. After more than a decade hiding from society, Seth Albright is sheltered. His visions make it a necessary evil. After a precocious emergence as a seer when he was eight, his mother took him to live in the woods. To protect him. When he can’t take another day of isolation, Seth turns to SPIRE. There, he gets partnered with Roy Merchant as his anchor. Enough … Read more

REVIEW: Psions of SPIRE Series, by Alex Silver

Bright Spark

Series: Psions of SPIRE Author: Alex Silver Genre: Paranormal, Sci Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Non-Binary, Trans FTM Publisher: Self Pages: Varies Reviewer: Olivia Get the Series On Amazon About The Books When you love your work, you never work a day—when you love your work partner, life gets complicated. Shelter (Novella, Book Zero) Former foster kid and abuse survivor, Elliott Sheffield, lost everything when he developed telepathy at twelve years old. He’s used to not relying on anyone. There are worse things than being lonely and alone, even for a psion who craves closeness. He has plans for his … Read more