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FOR READERS: Which Spec Fic TV Show Has the Best Queer Representation?

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FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Scott: Of all the speculative fiction TV shows you watch, which has the best overall queer representation, in your opinion? And why do you think so? Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Chat on FacebookChat on MeWe

Hollywood Blockbusters Continue Dismal Record of Queer Representation

Just two per cent of big budget films released in the last decade have had meaningful LGBT+ representation, according to an academic. Dr Ellie Lockhart, who has a PhD in communications, has been analysing recent films to figure out what kind of queer-themed films do well at the box office. As part of her research, Lockhart has been analysing LGBT+ representation in small, independent dramas and big budget films – and while representation is lacking in both, it’s especially bad in the major studio releases. “Here’s the raw truth: I found just under 100 movies to include from 2010 to … Read more

New Mutants Director Calls Out Star Wars for Pitiful LGBTQ+ Representation

Rise of Skywalker

The New Mutants director Josh Boone has slammed Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for its weak attempt at LGBT+ representation. The Star Wars sequel, released in 2019, featured two unnamed female characters kissing in the background of a celebratory scene. It was widely seen as a sign of progress for a franchise that had never featured an LGBT+ storyline. But many fans were left disappointed by the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, with some questioning why the franchise had failed to offer meaningful representation. Josh Boone, director of X-Men spin-off The New Mutants, lambasted the moment in an interview with TooFab, calling … Read more

Valkyrie Will ‘Push the Bounds of’ Queer Representation

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson has said that the next phase of Marvel films will “push the bounds” of representation. The Thor star plays the superhero Valkyrie – who is bisexual in the comics but has so far had most references to her sexuality left on the cutting room floor. Thompson has already told fans to expect a queer storyline in in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, teasing that as Asgard’s new king, “she needs to find her queen.” In an interview with Ramy Youssef for Variety last week, the out film star again committed herself to more representation. She said: “In the next phase of Marvel, we’re looking at what … Read more