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STUDY: Saturn’s Core Mighty Be Soupy (But Is It More Minestrone or Clam Chowder?)

pea soup - pixabay

Saturn’s rings aren’t just a beautiful adornment — scientists can use the feature to understand what’s happening deep inside the planet. By using the famous rings like a seismograph, scientists studied processes in the planet’s interior and determined that its core must be “fuzzy.” Instead of a solid sphere like Earth’s, the core of Saturn appears to consist of a ‘soup’ of rocks, ice and metallic fluids that slosh around and affect the planet’s gravity. The new study used data from NASA’s Cassini mission, which orbited Saturn and its moons for 13 years between 2004 and 2017. In 2013, data … Read more

Writer Discussion: There’s An Elf in My Soup

Today’s writer topic comes from QSF Admin Angel Martinez: Waiter, there’s an elf in my soup! Non-human sentients in the city – how traditional folktale and fantasy creatures change in modern, otherwise real-world settings. Angel’s kind of an expert in these things – she’s done several series that put mythical creatures in real world settings. And we’re not talking just an elf, but also yetis, demons, pink hedgehogs, centaurs, and many many more. So as a writer, how would you add a little mythology to Manhattan, a little fantasy to Firenze? Join the Chat