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Queer Female Pirates Unerased From History

Inexorable - Lesbian Pirates

Two trailblazing female pirates who shared a tender same-sex romance have been commemorated with a striking new statue. Anne Bonny and Mary Read, born in the late 18th century, have largely been erased from history by predominantly male historians – but now, they are taking their rightful place in the annals of the past. The women, who were lovers, have been immortalised by artist Amanda Cotton in a sculpture titled Inexorable. Previewed at London’s Execution Docks on 18 November, the artwork was commissioned to mark the launch of Hell Cats, a new Audible podcast that celebrates Bonny and Read’s lives … Read more

Superman Statue Was a Hit at Comic-Con

Superman Statue

Love it or hate it, there is probably one image from this year’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” that was impossible to forget. A Superman statue in the fictional Metropolis used in advertisements — with the words “false god” scrawled across it in blood red spray paint — which represented a dark turn for Warner Bros. in its first crack at universe building. The vandalism in the movie represented mankind’s fear of the Last Son of Krypton and a rejection of a statue that aimed to idolize a larger-than-life hero. By Phillip Molnar – Full Story at the Unio … Read more