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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: A Deceptive Alliance, by Sydney Blackburn

Deceptive Alliance

QSFer Sydney Blackburn has a new MM romance book out: A Deceptive Alliance. Kel and his twin sister Isabel have traded places before—to escape lessons, to prank their royal cousins, and for Kel to flirt with handsome men at royal balls. But when Isabel runs away in tears shortly before her proxy wedding to Prince Darin of Pervayne, Kel takes her place, knowing he could cause serious problems between Pervayne and their home kingdom of Karleed if discovered. Isabel will show up—eventually—and take her rightful place and no one will ever know. The question is, will Isabel arrive before Kel … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Diplomacy Squared, by Sydney Blackburn

Diplomacy Squared

QSFer Sydney Blackburn has a new gay/non binary sci fi book out: Diplomacy Squared. When Fold pilot Diego is assigned to space station Mikesi, he expects his biggest problem will be boredom, even if it is circling a recent First Contact alien home world. Much of the Human speculation aboard the place revolves around the mystery of Antho females, as all those encountered so far seem to be male. Being gay, it’s not a question Diego gives a lot of consideration. All his attention is soon taken, anyway, by station admin Portya. Though they have many physical differences, they also … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Power of Love, by Sydney Blackburn & Lina Langley

The Power of Love

QSFers Sydney Blackburn and Lina Langley have a new MM superhero book out: The #1 rule of superhero training camp is you don’t talk about superhero training camp. Or your parents. Or their powers, which is the only thing saving Vince’s life—he’s the son of a notorious supervillain. But the secret could become a deadly deception when he falls into a super-powered entanglement with gorgeously heroic cabinmate Locke. When their instructor disappears, Vince’s father may be to blame. Torn between loyalties, Vince’s greatest fear is that his father’s taint will corrupt him and poison his heart against Locke. Vince might … Read more