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SpaceX to Test “Mars Colonizing Spaceship”

SpaceX Mars Spaceship - SpaceX

The next big leap for SpaceX’s Mars-colonizing Starship spacecraft appears to be right around the corner. Two full-size Starship prototypes, known as SN5 and SN6, recently performed 500-foot-high (150 meters) test hops at SpaceX’s South Texas facilities, near the village of Boca Chica. And the next vehicle in line is nearly ready to soar much higher, company founder and CEO Elon Musk said. “SN8 Starship with flaps & nosecone should be done in about a week. Then static fire, checkouts, static fire, fly to 60,000 ft [18,300 m] & back,” Musk said via Twitter on Saturday (Sept. 12). Full Story … Read more

DNA Analysis – No Monster in Loch Ness (Sad Emoji)

loch ness - pixabay

The Loch Ness monster has haunted a deep Scottish lake for more than 1,000 years — in imagination, at least. But a scientific survey of the waters of Loch Ness found it contains no traces of “monster” DNA at all, adding weight to the already-likely prospect that “Nessie” doesn’t really exist. Geneticist Neil Gemmell of Otago University in New Zealand said an environmental DNA survey of Loch Ness saw no signs it was home to any giant reptiles or aquatic dinosaurs – a theory sometimes used to explain the mysterious monster, which has reportedly been seen several times since the … Read more

News: Space X Success!

Company successfully lands reusable rocket onto a drone ship: “This was the fifth attempt in 15 months by SpaceX to land one of its rocket boosters on a drone ship; in each of the previous four tries, the rocket reached the ship successfully, but failed to stick the landing. During today’s landing, SpaceX staff members crowded around the company’s control room, and let out a roar of applaus when the rocket booster touched down. SpaceX has made one successful landing of a Falcon 9 booster in December 2015 — but that was on a landing pad on solid ground, at … Read more