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ANNOUNCEMENT: Jupiter’s Jungle – Temple Madison

Jupiter's Jungle - Temple Madison

Temple Madison has a new MM paranormal book out: Jupiter’s Jungle. When club owner Jupiter Marston drinks water from a wild cat’s paw print, he doesn’t realize a curse lurks in its depths and becomes a were-creature living in two different worlds. One night a handsome young biker who is lost and hungry walks into his club, and Jupiter falls in love. Shane is on the run from a dangerous lover, and he discovers Jupiter is a dangerous were-cat. Then the full moon takes Jupiter deep into the mysterious urban jungle and, when he doesn’t return, Shane goes to find … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Werecat: The Sim Ru Prophecy, by Andrew J. Peters

Werecat: The Sim Ru Prophecy

QSFer Andrew J. Peters has a new gay paranormal book out: A fugitive from two murder investigations in New York City and a bizarre, big cat attack at a bank in Barbados, Jacks Dowd flees to South America to find the ringleader of a shifter terrorist organization deep in the Amazon. The world is on the brink of all-out war between shifters and humans, and Jacks needs to somehow broker a deal for peace. But a special U.S. intelligence agency emerges as a new, possibly even more dangerous enemy. Both the terrorists and the U.S. government will stop at nothing … Read more