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Graphic Novel / Web Comic Week: Jaime Camille and Margot Jane, Kindred Skies – 10/15/16

Kindred Skies

Hey all, The long-awaited second annual graphic novel week is here! Each day we’ll be interviewing a different graphic novel writer, artist or team. Jaime Camille and Margot Jane – Kindred Skies KINDRED SKIES is about a group of dumb boys doing dumb things (but for money!) Set in a desert wasteland where being a mercenary is often just a good honest living, Rofaryn and his men struggle to make their way in a world of goddesses and sorcerers, drugrunners and warlords. Episodic format; each chapter is a new adventure! Margot Jane Co-creator, writer, site runner/mangler, colorist- sure, Margot … Read more