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TV: Doctor Who Christmas Trailer Drops With Yasmin Finney

Yasmin Finney in Doctor Who

The new Doctor Who trailer has dropped and fans are ready to see Yasmin Finney (Heartstopper) thrive in the Whoniverse. This year Russell T Davies announced his return as Doctor Who showrunner, Ncuti Gatwa as the next Doctor and a three episode David Tennant-Catherine Tate special. When we last saw Donna (Tate) it was clarified she could never remember the Doctor at the risk of burning up her mind, with her memories of her time as his companion having been wiped. But it looks like this is all at risk in the upcoming special. Among the exciting news was trans … Read more

TV: Trans Heartstopper Star Yasmin Finney to Join “Doctor Who”

TV: Trans Heartstopper Star Yasmin Finney to Join "Doctor Who"

Heartstopper‘s Yasmin Finney has joined the Doctor Who universe as a new character that will debut next year, coinciding with the show’s 60th anniversary. Finney rose to fame for her role as Elle Argent, a trans teen who recently moved to an all girls’ school, in Netflix’s coming-of-age LGBTQ+ series Heartstopper. The amazing series has been heralded as one of the most important queer TV shows in a generation for its beloved characters and heartfelt story. The BBC confirmed on Monday (16 May) that Finney has joined the cast of Doctor Who and is currently filming scenes that will air … Read more