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News: The Sexual Future is Here


These days, everything we own is becoming “smart” – from the smart watch, smart TV, and smart fridge, to the smart fitness tracker and smart glasses – so it should come as no surprise that now smart wearable technology is coming to sex toys too. Meet Lovely, a penis ring now on Indiegogo that does way more than just vibrate – its built-in sensors send data to an accompanying smartphone app in order to track your sexual performance, give you tips on what you could do better next time, and count how many calories you’ve burned.

Made from medical-grade silicone, Lovely’s primary function is still, of course, to perform as a sex toy. The creators claim that it can enhance erections by preventing blood from leaving the organ, and the tulip-like design was chosen as it is able to transfer vibrations to the clitoris “in just the right spot” during intercourse.

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