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Something that can eat an orca just blows my mind, but the Megalodon is something vastly different from the standard shark. Scientists call this giant water beast a super-apex predator.

Leaving that ridiculous and terrifying thought aside, because seriously I love the ocean and everything in it, and anything that could eat me and not even notice it pretty damned wild, Megalodons are basically sharks on steroids. I love sharks, not gonna lie. Had a baby leopard shark almost bite my finger off when I was a kidlet and I’ve loved these too curious giant babies ever since. Just another example of how humans will pack-bond with literally anything.

Supposedly, Megalodons are extinct. At least, scientists think so, even though we’ve barely explored a tenth of our oceans and have no clue just how true that is. Sailors out on the Deep have seen strange things (my dad included), so I’m not sure how true that extinction designation really is.

Can you imagine it though? Out on the Pacific, minding your business and this massive beast, almost the size of a whale, comes up from the impenetrable dark blue of the water beneath the boat. Each tooth bigger than a human hand, a mouth large enough to eat an orca full of them. A whole bunch of these Megalodons in the no man’s land of the great swathes of our planet no one every goes.

That’s an idea to mull over.

T.A. Creech

Science in the pursuit of fiction.

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