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Where Are My Banana Slug Shifters?

Someone to CuttleToday’s topic comes from QSFer Jim Comer: “Animal species: We see too many bears and wolves. Where are tales of kinkajous, binturongs, and banana slugs?”

We do see quite a preponderance (love that word) of wolf shifters these days, as well as some panther shifters and pretty much anything else sleek and powerful.

But how about a little more shifter weirdness?

So my questions today – what animals would you like to see in shifter stories? And what are some of the weirder ones you have seen?

4 thoughts on “Where Are My Banana Slug Shifters?”

  1. Charlie Cochrane wrote the BEST ever shifter story where her protagonist was a three-toed sloth. I can’t match that but have written a story where a lonely werewolf falls foul of the local flock of weresheep, just for a bit of fun.

  2. Charlie Richards has a lot of good ones in her Kontra’s Menagerie and Wolves of Stone Ridge series’. She has a charming platypus in Educating the Platypus and she also has an emperor penguin, a warthog, a Nile monitor lizard, a tarantula, and an elephant mixed in with all the wolves and big cats. The list of unusual shifters goes on.

    I’d like to see a Koala or a Kangaroo next.


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