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Announcement: Blood in the Rain 2 Anthology

Blood in the Rain 2QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has a story in a new erotic horror anthology:

In this second volume of Blood in the Rain, we continue our exploration of vampires. These blood-sucking, soul-sucking creatures of the night continue to fascinate—no matter how many incarnations they take, no matter how many worlds they inhabit, no matter how many ways they kill. Or suck and fuck. The variety of vampires and their hot, wet, sexy selves continue to entertain and delight us.

This collection features vampires from ancient Sumer and Crete, modern tales set in airports and circuses, and dark futures with post-apocalyptic world-ending viruses. You’ll find some stories by well-known authors such as Andrea Dale, Michael M. Jones, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and Elizabeth Schechter, as well as a host of new writers.

Some stories are outright hilarious, others bittersweet. Some stories are super-explicit, others moderately erotic. We’ve included a wide range of pairings and even a couple of ménage á trois. As befits a well-explored archetype, our vampires range from soulless to tortured self-loathing creatures. Some die in sunlight, others not so much.

Blood in the Rain 2 is the second volume in an erotic vampire anthology series. The first volume, Blood in the Rain, can be found in print and e-book format at any major distributor of books and e-books.

Note: This anthology contains stories of a variety of sexual orientations and pairings.

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Cecilia Duvalle, Editor

Cecilia Duvalle lives in a ’burb near Seattle. She splits her time between mysteries and erotica, with the occasional blending of the two. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies with Cleis, Xcite, Cwtch, and Ravenous presses. She loves to read with a cat on her lap and a hot cup of coffee at her side. Visit her at

Mary Trepanier, Editor

Mary Trepanier has had vampire erotica featured in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine in addition to her work in Blood in the Rain 1 and 2. She lives outside Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Dale Cameron Lowry, One of the Authors

Dale Cameron Lowry had a jagged forehead scar before Harry Potter made it cool. When not busy fighting evil, Dale writes and edits queer romance and speculative fiction. Come to think of it, maybe those are ways of fighting evil too.

Previous careers include sign language linguist, grocery store clerk, journalist, gardener, and camp counselor—not necessarily in that order. Top-ranking hobbies are wasting time on Tumblr, studying biology, staring through binoculars, getting annoyed at Duolingo, and reading fairy tales.


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