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ANNOUNCEMENT: Myths, Moons and Mayhem, Edited by Dale Cameron Lowry

Myths, Moons & Mayhem

QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has put together a new MMM paranormal anthology book out: Myths, moons, and mayhem make the perfect threesome—and so do the men in this anthology. Enjoy nine erotic stories of paranormal ménages a trois fueled by lust and magic, where mystical forces collide with the everyday world and even monsters have their own demons to conquer. A werewolf gets a lust-fueled lesson on fitting in with the pack, a professor unlocks ancient secrets and two men’s hearts, and a pair of supernaturals find themselves at the erotic mercy of a remarkable human. Ghosts, fairies, aliens, and … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Forest Seclusion Anthology

Forest Seclusion

QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry is part of a new fairy tale anthology out: These five fairy tales feature LGBTQ characters, many of whom begin life in castles, yet make their way into the wild forests for love, truth, and a sense of themselves. This free anthology takes the classics and makes them ours. White Deer by Jess Martin – Curses, shape-shifting, and shrimp fairies: welcome to Jess’s version of Madame d’Aulnoy’s fairy tale where she gender-bends the cursed creation, takes liberty with the hero’s tale, and finds a princess who isn’t in a rush to get rescued. Snow White by … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Falling Hard, by Dale Cameron Lowry

Falling Hard

QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has a new MM anthology that includes speculative fiction: Nine of Dale Cameron Lowry’s best short romance stories, available for the first time in one book. Part 1: Falling Fast Warm up with whirlwind romances that last. Mi Alma — Ex-Mormon Alma Larsen doesn’t know the first thing about alcohol, so he hires bartender Damian Banks to help out at his winter holiday party. They build a friendship that simmers with sexual tension—and possibly something much deeper. Will this Christmas bring them both a love that lasts? Loggerhead — Soon after they fall in love, Jake makes Eric … Read more

Announcement: Far From Home, by Dale Cameron Lowry

Far From Home

QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has a new MM sci fi romance out: Rajiv met and fell in love with his husband, Mateo, when they were both members of the scientific team responsible for transforming Mars into a home suitable for humans. But the planet isn’t big enough for the entire population and, years into their shared mission, Rajiv is ordered back to Earth for four years to restore the barren lands of the American Midwest. When the distance threatens to weaken their bond, Mateo gets creative with technology, adapting it in sexy and innovative ways to keep the flame burning. … Read more

Announcement: Blood in the Rain 2 Anthology

Blood in the Rain 2

QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has a story in a new erotic horror anthology: In this second volume of Blood in the Rain, we continue our exploration of vampires. These blood-sucking, soul-sucking creatures of the night continue to fascinate—no matter how many incarnations they take, no matter how many worlds they inhabit, no matter how many ways they kill. Or suck and fuck. The variety of vampires and their hot, wet, sexy selves continue to entertain and delight us. This collection features vampires from ancient Sumer and Crete, modern tales set in airports and circuses, and dark futures with post-apocalyptic world-ending … Read more

Announcement: Untethered Anthology


Editor Janine A. Southard has a new magic and technology anthology out which includes at least one QSFer: QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has a new MM contemporary fantasy story in the upcoming anthology Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology. This anthology, edited by award-winning novelist Janine A. Southard, contains twenty stories of magic and technology, some of which will appeal to our Queer Sci Fi interests. Almost everyone carries a smartphone these days. They sit in pockets and on tables. They sleep on headboards and are the first things their owners check in the morning. They’ve edged out more mundane equipment … Read more

Announcement: Born of Fire, by Dale Cameron Lowry

Born of Fire

QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has a new Fantasy book out: Aodhán lives most his life with painful burn scars from a spell gone wrong—until one day his beautiful singing voice catches the attention of the local fairies. They cure his pain but also put him under an enchantment, causing him to forget his home and his dream of finding true love. When the fairies kidnap the handsome youth Cainnech, Aodhán remembers his own humanity and becomes determined to free them both from the fairies’ thrall. But the fairies do not let go easily, and Aodhán risks losing his health and … Read more