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Announcement: Dragon’s Surprise, by Jenn Dease

Dragon's SurpriseMLR Press author and QSFer Jenn Dease has a new fantasy book out:

Can one little green Dragon cause that much disruption on an aircraft carrier?

Franklin was unaware of the disappearance of his brother and his family while performing in Russo-China, until Dane’s squad of Dragon Marines rescues one of them from the Voldai.

Explosives, smuggling, kidnapping and security for a meeting of the World’s leaders. The USS Requiem’s sailors and Dragon Marine squadrons are dealing with all of this while watching out for a small, green Dragon.

Dane and Franklin find themselves in a new family situation. Caring for their niece brings them closer together. But, you can’t keep a three-year-old on an aircraft carrier. Can her parents be found?


Aboard the USS Requiem

“Zero Squadron is coming in, sir. They are using the distress signal,” Commander Abraham Saws reported. He walked closer to the starboard observation window. Brief flashes of dragon fire could be seen.

It was almost five years since Franklin and Dane had met on the USS Ronald Reagan. Four years since their mating ceremony. They had been stationed on separate ships for the past three plus years. The current assignments had put them on the same ship for the past month.
Many of their leaves had been together, but one or two weeks together was not enough. The first six months of their marriage had been spent together and it had taken quite a while to get used to being on separate ships, leagues apart.

Captain Franklin Delano Drake-Michaels looked up from the main computer console. “Damn. Can you see them, Mr. Saws?”

The commander switched his binoculars to the next zoom level. “Yes, sir. It looks like they are carrying one and another is being surrounded.” This formation was used when someone was being guarded or too stubborn to ask for help in flying.

Captain Drake-Michaels reached for the intercom mike. “Prepare the flight deck for incoming patrol. Medical personnel to the flight deck. Medical personnel to the flight deck, immediately.”

Within moments, sailors were making sure the flight deck was clear of anything that would interfere with the landing of the Dragon Marines Squadron.

Medical personnel began swarming the covered entrances to the deck. After the landings, they would come rushing out of the protected areas.

“Commander, can you tell which of our Marines is injured?” He tried not to sound as anxious as he felt. Was it Dane, his mate?

“The one they are carrying is Tuft. I can’t tell who the other one is, sir. That group is too far back to tell.” He lowered the binoculars. “I wonder what happened to the comm links they were testing?”

“They were not working for most of this mission.” The captain turned to the communications officer on duty. “Mr. Landers.”


“Try the comm links for Squadron Zero again. Find out what happened.”

“Aye, aye, sir!” Landers turned back to his control panel.

Franklin grabbed another pair of binoculars and joined his second in command at the starboard glass. They could see a few dark spots against the clouds. The spots weren’t close enough to tell who they were to the naked eye or a normal pair of binoculars.

The captain upped the zoom on his glasses and focused on Squadron Zero.

Ten very large flying dragons came into focus. They could see the closer group of two dragons carrying a slightly smaller one. Tuft was still, but his tail was moving.

Franklin focused on the other group of dragons. Six of them hovering around another. As they flew closer, he could see what appeared to be minor wounds on most of them. The mission had lasted for seven days. Longer than the five days it had been expected to take.

Where was Dane? Franklin’s heart stuttered as he was able to see the individual dragons. Dane flew in the middle. Franklin couldn’t make out any damage. Wait. What the Hell?

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Author Bio

Jenn lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area. She belongs to one of those families that has four generations living in a three block area.

Captain’s Mate is her first published book, which Jenn and her sisters are quite proud of. She loves books, her red-headed sisters, and books.

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