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Serious vs. Humorous Sci Fi, Fantasy and Paranormal

Pill Bugs of Time large

Today’s topic was inspired by Angel:

I’d say most speculative fiction is deadly-serious – in sci fi, will this planet continue to support us? Will we get to the stars?

In fantasy, will we be able to defeat the evil-warlock and save the damsel (hey, what’s the male version of damsel?) in distress?

In paranormal, will the wolves or vampires win the fight for world domination?

But sometimes I want something a little lighter. :)

So how about you? Do you like your spec fic deadly serious, as a writer or reader? Or are you more of a Hitchhiker’s Guide or Discworld (or hey, even Xanth) type who embraces humor in sci fi, fantasy and paranormal?

Come join the discussion.

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