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Announcement: Echelon’s End, by E. Robert Dunn

Echelon's EndQSFer E. Robert Dunn has a sci fi series out:

Just imagine worlds in which harmony between peoples has been established. Where families are cultured and treasured. Where species from different worlds commune in peace. Imagine further these worlds having resolved all misunderstandings between sexualities, a series of planets where same-gender Echelon relationships are the majority and opposite-gender Reproductionist couplings are seen as necessary only to propagate a species. Now, imagine this civilization on the verge of extending itself into unexplored space … sending out the cream of their generation to colonize this Utopian philosophy into the Unknown.

Book 1, Last Generation: The year is 6752, A.T. and Earth is but a memory to its space faring descendents. The urbane beings of The System embark on a test-colonization mission to a far off solar group called Mira. The AST [Aidennia-System Transport] Saarien’s flight path is ended abruptly and the colonizing supership explodes under a hail from Tauron Starhounds; a century of peace with the Tauron Empire is fractured. Six Aidennian survivors jettison in a terra-forming conestoga Pioneer Pod. Now, a young male echelon couple and their fellow crewmembers must deal with a reality in which their peaceful reality is shattered by war and prejudice. The only solace appears in the form of an unknown, arid planet in a ternary star group. Upon the Pioneer Pod Four’s descent into the planet’s atmosphere, a defense planetary shield is activated and causes the Pod 4 to crash land in an ancient, dried-up seabed. This sets the Aidennians on a jarring adventure where survival is a game of chance with the life forces of the Universe,

Book 2: Persisting On The Edge: A doomed globe has become the refuge for the Aidennians. Commander Capel and his crew of the Pioneer 4 notice their life-raft world is undergoing changes. The world’s tri-suns are found to be on a countdown to detonation. The only course open to the Aidennians is to repair their impaired ship and evacuate.

Book 3: Sidereal Quest: As the restoration timeline ticks away, the Aidennians become consumed with unlocking the secret to mysterious transmissions that have suddenly begun to interrupt their repairs. Could the Taurons have found them?

Book 4, Chasing Infinity: The Pioneer Pod 4 is spaceborne, once again plunging into uncharted Space. After weeks of uneventful flight, the Aidennians voyage is interrupted as Pod 4 is abducted while enroute back to the remnants of The System by the slipstreams of a gravity well. The Aidennians find themselves in orbit around a world that is peaceful, lush, a near paradise; it has all the markings of a bio-experimental laboratory. Another Saarien podship and one of its crew are discovered. … Eden turns to terror when an alien eugenics project is unveiled.

Book 5, PlanetFall: Escape to the Systemite planet of Sheey suddenly loses its entire splendor when the ravages of the Tauron Occupation are revealed. And what seems to be the Aidennians’ final battle takes them full-circle with the begetters of their odyssey.

Book 6: Enter The Fury: The Taurons have found the Aidennian survivors. The Occupation of the System is not enough to satiate the hunger of the Empire and once again it sends out squadrons to eliminate the only remnants of Aidennia. With little option, the pioneering refugees must face a new reality that may no longer involve being part of the System.

Book 7: Perils Of The Gulf: As the hurrying podship Pioneer 4 traverses between the galactic spiral arms on its way to a promised planet, the cost is energy, which is quickly being consumed — denying it the power to sustain itself. The Aidennians find themselves with no other option than to explore two separate sources for vital elements needed to prolong their flight.

Book 8: The Hidden Enemy: Nicraan and Retho find themselves the tempest between warring societal factions while Capel and the others fight for their lives on worlds of ice and horror. Is this the end for the last generation of The System?

Book 9: The Furthest Shore: The daring crew of Pioneer Pod 4 takes a leap of faith on a flight plan into darkness, facing new terrors as they wander through the silent gulf between the celestial arms of the galaxy toward an ancestral world. An exploratory shore leave has the away team encountering a treacherous plant that uses Lieutenant Commander Jor Dansire as a host for its spores … Pioneer 4 prepares to be engulfed by a living nebulous cloud that feeds off the stuff dreams are made of … curiosity entraps the podship while investigating a timeworn ship left adrift in Space by accidentally tripping the ancient booby trap that disabled the old vessel over 1000 cycles ago…

Book 10: Hunted: When Dansire and Moela Darasiress don’t return from their honeymoon on the del Sol, Commander Capel takes the Pod 4 on a search and rescue to find the shuttle abandoned on a moon. Following information given to them by omniscient overseeing beings, the Aidennian crew find the newly-uniteds carrying out their normal lives as citizens on a pre-hyperdrive planet called Fomorii, totally unaware of their time on Pioneer 4 or their situation in the intra-spatial Gulf.

Book 11: The Road Yet Traveled: The Pioneer 4 was undergoing problems with its propulsion system whose repairs couldn’t be accomplished in Space. When a habitable moon was detected nearby, Capel takes the podship to investigate a suitable place to land, passed through a force field and landed on the planet without further incident. Or so it seemed. Upon emerging from the podship, a wild beast ambushes the crew; killing it in self-defense gets the Aidennians accused of trespassing on private property – they then had to prove their value against the hunting preserve’s landlord. During an away mission the crew make first contact with the Fila who tried to sabotage the shuttle del Sol’s life support system with high radiation weapons, they are in need of the raw energy contained within and hope to detonate it to feed. The crew collects silicate from a comet in the Solal region, introducing them to the cybernetic Ho’Rris who try to conscript Pioneer 4’s automaton crewmate BeeTee into their battlesphere crew. A landing attempt on a habitable planet is in direct violation of the xenophobic Sylla, a point made obvious by their insecta army. A well-need shore leave on the planet Gaesia not only gives the crew some well needed R&R, but also additions to their crew.

Book 12: Into the Abyss: An unexpected Systemite distress signal ends the crew’s stint in paradise to reveal a rescue mission for not only a solar group’s desperate inhabitants, but also a lost member of their original crew. Who else could have survived the wrath of the Tauron?

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E. Robert DunnAuthor Bio

Born in the Midwest, raised in the Northeast, E. Robert Dunn began writing at the age of 14 and continued through his higher education in the Southeast where he currently resides. In addition to penning the science fiction series “Echelon’s End”, E. Robert has also written two off-Broadway plays, “LipSync” and “A Dragged Out Haunting”, and solo-penned the short-play entitled “VOiCES”. E. Robert was a contributing writer to the online STAR TREK: Odyssey’s Season One Finale webisode [featured in STARLOG Magazine, January 2008, “Beyond Hidden Frontiers”, p.89]. Besides being a produced playwright and published author, E. Robert has had articles printed in local newspapers as well as medical newsletters. He has also graced many a stage by his given name: Eston Dunn. A recent project is founding a non-profit online webcasting charity to education while entertaining through programming that unites those that were separated by the walls of stereotyping, prejudice, and bigotry (


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