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Announcement: Fantasy Collection, by Mav Anthony

Fantasy Collection - Mav AnthonyMav Anthony at Torquere Press has a new erotic Fantasy book out:

Submission and kink are explored in these four fantasy tales featuring two couples.

In Willing Fire and Gilded Cage, Simeon gives into his Lord Mikjial’s
desires – and his own – falling in love as he serves his master.

While in Floating and Soaring, Aaron learns all sorts of wicked things as he bows to Aime’s desires.

All stories originally published as individual stories.


Simeon hurried down the stone halls, slippered feet making no noise as they padded, hurried faster and faster. They had tried to put kohl on his eyes, perfumed salves on his skin, when they found that the Lord had called for him. They had tried to brush him, shave him, make him into one of them, into one of the self-same lithe bodies that were no more than holes to sate the Lord’s need, but he had refused.

If the Lord wanted him, the Lord would get him — plain, clean, simple and unadorned. As was intended.

He shuddered as he turned the familiar corner that led to the lordship’s bedchambers. He prayed to all the gods that the Lord would not be… displeased.

Simeon pulled the silly layers of gauzy material around him as best he could, and knocked on the huge, ornate door with a trembling hand. The door showed the Lord’s power, gold and silver carved into the wood for no other reason than to bring pleasure to the Lord’s eyes.

“Come!” The word was short, the Lord’s voice perfunctory, icy cold.

He pushed the door open, standing quiet and still on the threshold. He had to clear his throat, twice, before he could speak. “You called for me, my Lord?”

“Simeon!” His Lord’s voice changed, became… warm, almost welcoming.

He smiled, unable to help himself, stepping forward to see his fascination, his addiction, his Lord and Master. “Yes, my Lord.”

“Oh, Simeon, you look… come here and let me take a closer look.”

He moved into the room, toward the fireplace, toward the dark, large chair that framed his Lord, the dark crimson a contrast to the even dark hair.

His Lord laughed as he came near. “Oh, look what they’ve put you in! How very quaint.” One long, fine-fingered hand waved, nails clicking together. “Take it off, take it off. It doesn’t suite you. I keep telling Nala the options are simply silk or skin for you. I shall have to send her to the kitchens if she can’t obey a simple directive. Or turn her into a frog. Maybe a duck.”

Simeon blushed, cheeks hot as a brazier as he stripped down to skin, strangely more comfortable wearing nothing than the gilded silver and gold gauze he’d been dressed in. Still, without them he would be bared to his Lord’s eyes. “They wanted me to wear salves and makeup and jewels, my Lord.” He dared to look into the gray eyes that haunted his dreams as he pushed the clothing away, blushes painting his skin rose. “I would come to you clean and bare, only me.”

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