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ANNOUNCEMENT: Like a Spell: Fire Anthology

Like a Spell V2

QSFer Avery Vanderlyle has a story in a new erotic MM Fantasy book:

For the Like a Spell anthology, we asked writers to challenge the traditional tropes and send us something new—original stories of magic users, interesting twists on the typical sorcerers and mages. The response was overwhelming and exciting, and we decided to publish four separate anthologies, using the theme of classical elements (earth, air, fire, and water) as the focus for each collection.

For the fire anthology, we’ve focused on stories portraying the love between men. When we thought fire, we thought of the passion and heat of men, the all-encompassing flames of their desires. We thought of the fire gods Ra and Vulcan, Agni and Xiuhtecuhtli. We thought about strength, ferocity, and power.

Avery Vanderlyle’s fantasy short story “Passage, Performance, Passion” is out on October 12th in Circlet Press’ anthology Like a Spell 2: Gay Male Fantasy Erotica. (Like a Spell 1 came out earlier this year and featured lesbian fantasy erotica). In a world where Changelings, rejects from the Fay realm, live among mortals, Raavi must perform a sex ritual in order to receive the magical legacy his parents left him. Jonah is happy to oblige, but as their preparations continue Raavi realizes the mortal man has an agenda of his own.

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Author Bio

Find out more about Avery, including information about her other stories set in this same urban/contemporary fantasy universe, at


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