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ANNOUNCEMENT: Meran’s Reproach – Deonne Dane

Meran's Reproach - Deonne Dane

Who is the man of Maki Dira’s vision?

Eighteen moons before Falric’s spade scraped against the ominous gem, Anigema, Voce scholar Meran Durante found himself relentlessly plagued by a singular, deathly vision. 

Meran knows those subjected to the magic of the dreamlands have often been driven into madness. And when the frequency of his vision escalates exponentially, he finds himself teetering on the edge of despair.

But when a close friend shows him a way to defy the dreamland’s call, will Meran take the path of willful dissolution, or will he face his ultimate fear and wrest control of his magic before it is too late?

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*Meran’s Reproach is the second book in the Legend of the Ancients series. The books of Locurnia contain explicit material and are intended for mature adults 18 and over.

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“Did Thoran tell Father that I missed a lecture? It was just the one and nothing I cannot catch up on.”

“Father expects you to miss none,” Patrice said, the curves of her striking face softening from the glare of her previous admonishment. Idly, she retrieved a kerchief from her sleeve and began to wipe Sofie’s hands. The little girl submitted in silence to the vigorous strokes. “Even I know of Master Thoran’s penchant to take the liveliest of tale and make it unutterably miserable,” Patrice raised the cloth in her clenched fist, “but what were you thinking? You cannot throw your studies aside on a mere whim.”

“I had my reasons,” Meran answered. Distraction, foremost.

“And are they sufficient to appease our father?”

Meran scowled. Nothing would be adequate for that, and he knew it. Had known it even though he had talked himself into the outing. The plausibility of his excuses had seemed valid at the time: fresh meat was always a welcome commodity at the tenant’s butchery, or even for the Durante’s kitchen… Ellom had requested his company… Ormand had accompanied him to ensure his safety… he would increase the much-needed skill of the bow with the practice… it was one day’s worth of tedious lectures and tutorials, what would it hurt to miss them?

But the distraction had proven a dismal failure. The dream had still returned. Despite his friends’ presence, despite the exhaustion that had claimed his body during the adventure. Like a ceaseless wraith, it had slipped from the dreamlands to torment him.

It had taken every drop of willpower to hide his distress from his companions before the current day’s activity had done its work. For a time, he had slipped into a modicum of peace.

That peace was now well shattered.

Author Bio

Born in New Zealand, Deonne grew up on a diet of genie’s and witches and space adventure. Not vampires, they were too scary. Back in that day they didn’t sparkle. She scribbled her version of fanfic in exercise books, on lined refill and coloured notepaper. And then she discovered epic fantasy; Eddings, Kerr, Donaldson & Brooks and felt she had come home. Later, as happens with most people, she let herself be diverted by the mundanity of adulthood; marriage, widowhood, remarriage, children, separation and even earthquakes, until she remembered the thing she was missing. Thus began her journey into the world of Locurnia. With family in the queer community and her developing passion for all things MM she decided to marry these two loves together.

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