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ANNOUNCEMENT: Seashell Voices, by Alexis Woods

Seashell Voices

QSFer Alexis Woods has a new MM fantasy story out: Seashell Voices.

Once upon a time, a merboy spied a human child. The merboy, who longed to walk the sandy shore, spent his days watching the human boy grow to become a man who loved the sea. A man he’s admired from afar. The one he wishes he could be.

But how can a merman express his greatest wish when he has no voice with which to speak?

*Part of Seasons of Love Anthology* Approx. 7,000 words 99¢

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He reached for me, for the net entangling my arms. Carefully, he freed me, not touching, but curious and wanting. Daring, I held out my hand to him, palm up, and he slid a finger along my skin. It tickled, making me shudder and smile.

“Who are you?” he asked, but I could not answer. While I could understand him, my voice could not duplicate theirs. I could chirp and trill, make a variety of sounds to communicate with my own kin and the sea life around me, but not his.

I touched my throat and my lips, opened and shut my mouth.

“You can’t speak.”

I shook my head.

“But you understand me?”

I nodded and grinned.

“Amazing.” He laughed. “I can’t believe I caught a merman. All I thought I’d catch is a few crabs to study before returning them to the sea. No one is ever going to believe me… But you can’t stay here. You best be getting back into the water.”

Author Bio

It all started with Fifty Shades of Gray and a brand new Nook. The hunt for romance, paranormal, and other enticing reads led me to Not His Kiss to Take. I followed author Finn Marlowe to Goodreads and joined the MM Romance group. Their Don’t Read in the Closet writing event is what sparked the “Can I do that?” Guess, I can.

Since that mark, just after my 42nd birthday, I’ve begun on an adventure which has inspired me to go outside my comfort zone, writing and working with other authors from all over the world. I started writing Opening Day in January of 2014, and I’ve since written in a variety of genres: contemporary to paranormal to sci-fi to urban fantasy.

Not one single type has hooked me, and I love to experiment, all themes residing in my heart, exploding across the page.  

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On Goodreads at: Alexis Woods – Goodreads

On Twitter: @alexiswoods553

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