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ANNOUNCEMENT: Seashell Voices, by Alexis Woods

Seashell Voices

QSFer Alexis Woods has a new MM fantasy story out: Seashell Voices. Once upon a time, a merboy spied a human child. The merboy, who longed to walk the sandy shore, spent his days watching the human boy grow to become a man who loved the sea. A man he’s admired from afar. The one he wishes he could be. But how can a merman express his greatest wish when he has no voice with which to speak? *Part of Seasons of Love Anthology* Approx. 7,000 words 99¢ Beaten Track Publishing | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords Excerpt … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT & GIVEAWAY: Cupid’s Arrows, by Alexis Woods

Cupid's Arrows

QSFer Alexis Woods has a new MM Paranormal book out: Himeros wants what any God of Love wants: his disciples to be happy in love. When Eros comes to visit his sexually-charged modern-era bar, Himeros grabs opportunity with both hands. Arrows fly, and three best friends join, but the voyeuristic Himeros needs more. He coaxes Eros to follow, and once they secret the boys away, it’s time for a little show and tell. 99 cents, Only available at Amazon currently. Amazon Giveaway See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Cupid’s Arrows (Divine Connections Book 1) (Kindle Edition). NO … Read more