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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Secret Books of Seth (serial) – Seth R. Gray

The Secret Books of Seth - Seth Gray

QSFer Seth R. Gray has a new queer vampire romance serial in progress – “The Secret Books Of Seth.”

I’ve always been the boy that does everything right. As the future leader of the Sethian Saints, I’ve devoted my life to “redeeming” as many of the Damned (you’d call them vampires, I suppose) as I possibly can.

But on the very first mission with my new partner (who I’ve had a crush on since we were kids. Don’t ask.) things get complicated. What should be a simple case quickly reveals layers of conspiracy I could never have imagined.

Everything I thought was solid truth begins unraveling beneath a web of lies and secrets. After a lifetime of faith, for the first time I’m starting to wonder…

Maybe I’m not that boy, after all.

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“When Seth was five or six he realized his name was the same as the knighthood.” Dad went on like he hadn’t heard me. “That’s my name! he said, all excited. I still remember the wonder in his eyes. Do they all have my name, Daddy? And so I told him our story. I told him how Adamas chose knowledge over the Half-Maker’s paradise and entered Hyle. Once here in the world, he was blessed with a son who became the first Patriarch, the first Seth. The appointed one.

“So it has been since ancient times. A father to lead his son, a son to lead his people.” The grove was totally silent. This was our oldest history lesson, and still the Brethren hung on his every word. As I watched him take command so naturally, standing in the light like some lion of a man crowned in seraphic flame, I realized I would never look like that. I wasn’t even sure why I was so certain of that fact, but I knew it to be true.

“For the last eight years, I’ve trained my son according to our tradition. I’ve watched him grow into his name, give everything he has to be the best he can be.” Our eyes met, and for a moment he was speaking only to me. “One day, my son, you will stand before our people as the Sword of the Saints, just as I do now. I know you will lead us in ways greater than we can imagine. It’s why your mother gave you that name.”

Damn it, Dad. I felt my eyes prickle, and had to look away to control myself. It wouldn’t do to lose my saintly composure after all that glowing praise.

Author Bio

About ten years ago, I wrote an erotic web serial called Dead Boyfriend to moderate success. Since then I’ve been trying to find my way back to writing, and ended up with the realization that trying to revive DBF wasn’t working. So I shook I the whole world up, and ended up with the Secret Books of Seth. This time I’m not spending so much time trying to write the best “novel” I can. I’m just going to write, and see what happens!
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