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New Release: The Truthspoken Heir – Novae Caelum

The Truthspoken Heir - Novae Caelum

QSFer Novae Caelum has a new queer epic space fantasy out, The Stars and Green Magics book 1 (ace, bi, gender fluid, lesbian, non-binary, agender): The Truthspoken Heir. In the interstellar kingdom of Valoris, everyone knows the royal family is watching. They can be anyone and anywhere with their shapeshifting abilities—they are Truthspoken and to be feared. Of course, that doesn’t stop the high houses from trying to take them down by any means they can. Arianna is the perfect Truthspoken Heir: beautiful, intelligent, and a master of her shapeshifting craft, determined to one day rule with the same control … Read more

NEW SERIAL: Shadow Run – Angel Martinez

Shadow Run - Angel Martinez

QSFer Angel Martinez has a new queer high fantasy serial tale (bi, gay, non-binary): Shadow Run. New chapters every Monday! Zie – He’s lost everything and he’s on the run from something terrifying. Essenin – Their life has been as quiet as a guard for hire’s can be, partnered with their beloved Davitts. They scent excitement in the air when an intriguing new person arrives in town.​Davitts – Just wants everyone to be safe and is concerned about Essenin latching on to this strange sylvas who stumbled into his aunt’s tavern without belongings or explanation. Read it FREE Here Excerpt … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Black Devil (Vella) – Dani Hermit & Curtis Star

The Black Devil (Vella)

QSFers Dani Hwrmit and Curtis Star have a new queer dark omegaverse serial tale out on Kindle Vella (gay, intersex): The Black Devil. When the Black-fur Hades meets the no-fur Doll, he can just feel his comfortable life as a back-alley fixer slipping through his paw. Being contracted to take the no-fur away from trouble brewing with his mobster owners to a breeding farm upstate seems like a straightforward enough job. But when it comes to dealing with this particular no-fur, nothing is straightforward. Read It At Amazon Vella Excerpt Shadwell Sebastian Woolsey stomped aimlessly through the rain. He had … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Way of Thorn & Key (serial)

QSFers Holly Karlsson and Allison Carr Waechter are working on a really cool queer fantasy serial: The Way of Thorn & Key. LINKED BY BLOOD Magic only exists in stories, at least that is what Poppy Travers has always believed. When her father dies and strange objects begin to appear amongst his possessions, Poppy begins to wonder if the truths she’s always accepted are reality. Will she turn the key that opens the door to her future? SEPARATED BY TIME Under the right conditions, a witch’s key can open doors to anywhere on Earth. Magical artifacts must be protected, no … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Secret Books of Seth (serial) – Seth R. Gray

The Secret Books of Seth - Seth Gray

QSFer Seth R. Gray has a new queer vampire romance serial in progress – “The Secret Books Of Seth.” I’ve always been the boy that does everything right. As the future leader of the Sethian Saints, I’ve devoted my life to “redeeming” as many of the Damned (you’d call them vampires, I suppose) as I possibly can. But on the very first mission with my new partner (who I’ve had a crush on since we were kids. Don’t ask.) things get complicated. What should be a simple case quickly reveals layers of conspiracy I could never have imagined. Everything I … Read more

FOR AUTHORS: Serialization vs. Publication

books - pixabay

FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Larry Rains: I just wanted to pose a question for discussion, web serialization vs. full book publication pros and cons. Mostly for the selfish reason of reading what this community has to say on the issue but also because I believe a great deal of the new talent for story writing is going the web serialization route and getting lost due to lack of knowledge that they even exist… call it what you will but in the eastern world, this method of authorship is far more popular. The western world is seeing … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT – Stray: A Sentinel Story, by J.K. Hogan


QSFer J.K. Hogan has a new MM fantasy serial out, and it’s free: All of the mythical creatures that howl, prowl, bite, and kill-from vampires to werewolves, from wendigos to witches, monsters to demons-are real. The Midnight Sentinel exists to protect the delicate human race from the monsters that wish them harm. Sebastian Locke never asked to be a Prince among the Feliscindae, a race of feline shifters. He never asked to be the champion of an entire species. He never asked for responsibility. Noah Cowan never asked to be abandoned by his parents. He never asked to be homeless. … Read more