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ANNOUNCEMENT: When Morpheus Overslept – Michael Scott Phillips

When Morpheus Overslept - Michael Scott Phillips

QSFer Michael Scott Phillips has a new queer sci fi book out (gay, non-binary): When Morpheus Overslept.

Brilliant physicist Henry Sullivan attempts to colonize TRAPPIST-1e in order to prove his superluminal theories, but is instead marooned and trapped by a terrifying alien in a ruined city and haunted by the ghost of his wife. When he discovers the true nature of her existence and its connection to his own latent telepathic powers, he realizes that this is the key to destroying the alien and saving a distant star system from an army of the inhuman Gorathkai.

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Every moment of her life passed before his eyes in rapid succession: her father, a literary scholar, reading her Tolkien’s The Hobbit, her name taken from The Silmarillion; her journey from England to France for her degree in neuroscience; his own life, this time from her perspective: the Café En Effet; the punting incident; the Streater theatre; slow dancing to “Tupelo Honey” in his apartment, staring into his own eyes through hers, and back into hers through his until they merged together; and, then, her centuries as a pale shadow, observing, sleeping, and observing again; a parade of epiphanies quantum-packed into a brief micro-second of space-time, beautiful and perfect. Joy returned at last.

Author Bio

I’m an author, graphic designer, and oil painter. Mainly, I write space opera, frequently LGBTQIA+ and #ownvoices, though I don’t feel bound by any particular genre and tend to write whatever idea thrills me. I also enjoy film photography, SF television shows, classic films, and developing alien languages and symbols–such as my semasiographic language, Astivian. My romance subplots always have an M name and an H name in them.

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