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“There Will be Phlogiston” by Alexis Hall

Note: Someone in QSF Discussions told me about this book – I forget who – but I wanted to thank them.  I had no idea what I was getting into before I stepped into it, except I think we were discussing bisexual characters, and so everything was a pleasant surprise. This is a MMF Steampunk Novella, and I should note that this is #5 in a series.  I didn’t know that before I started it, but I didn’t find that to be a problem either, because it’s an origin story of sorts, our of bad assed trio. The backdrop is … Read more

Pansexuality and Sci Fi

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Beth Brock: “Have we posted anything in Queer SciFi about Pansexuality and how the mental and physical markers of how we label sexuality will probably change with the introduction of aliens, or even simply hundreds of years of technology? (think of…Jozy?…in Re-Life, who could change his/her body at will). What is homo and heterosexuality under those future conditions? Would everyone be a pansexual? What does pansexuality mean to you?” I admit, I had to look up the definition of pansexuality. I’m very familiar with the standard letters of the LGBT rainbow, but I’ve only heard … Read more

Announcement: Batting Cage, by Crawford Rhine

QSFer Crawford Rhine has a new sci fi book out: In this world populated only by men, Brand is the uncommon man who is sexually attracted to them, which comes in handy when he is delivered to his new Master in a cage. Excerpt Brand is a marked man in a world of unmarked men. The mark identifies him as someone who is eligible to go into Service. He has been ready for this opportunity for years and thinks it will never happen. Brand moves on with his life until he receives a call from a Master, Trent Parks. He … Read more

How Do Vampires Get it On?

Today’s subject comes courtesy of QSF member Theo Fenraven: “How is it male vamps can get erections when they are short of blood?” I’ll broaden this out a bit (pun intended). With many supernatural creatures, we have to suspend disbelief a bit. This is especially true of vampires – as Theo says, if they have no blood, how do they get it up for sex? Can femail vampires get pregnant? Can male vampires make a non vampire woman pregnant? And garlic? Seriously? So my question today – how do vampires get it on? And what other things do vampires do … Read more

The Tension Between Sci Fi Romance and Gay Sci Fi

In my wanderings through the LGBT sci fi community, I’m finding that there’s a whole lot out there these days melding sci fi themes with MM romance. While I think that’s wonderful and an amazing thing, I also find very little that’s straight (pardon the pun) sci fi that includes LGBT characters, but is not centered around an MM (or FF) romance. Don’t get me wrong – there’s a lot of great sci fi out there (Angel Martinez, Amy Lane, I’m looking at you) that gets the sci fi right and includes the romance too. But I come at this … Read more

When Should You Have Sex (in Your Sci Fi Story)?

Up until the last year, most of the stories I had written had been “straight” sci fi (pardon the pun) or fantasy – stories that relied on the sci fi or fantasy plot as the main driver of the story. Oh sure, they usually had a gay character or two, but not always as the main character, and even when they were, usually without a major “romance”. Then I discovered Dreamspinner Press and their upcoming anthology submissions page. I decided to try my hand at writing some short stories that were MM romance with a sci fi or supernatural twist. … Read more