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“Song of the Navigator” by Astrid Amara

Genre: Gay Science Fiction Length: Novel TOVER IS one of Harmony Corporation’s best navigators. The cochlear implants they inserted in his brain are designed to help him hear minute spatial frequencies, so he can send shipments through interdimensional space with the vibrations of his voice. For his impressive work, he’s given everything he wants: fame, fortune, and an aviary full of exotic birds. Unfortunately, during another one of his many parties, Tover’s ripped away from his charmed life by a group of rebels, and forced to work against his own company. In the midst of an economic battle, Tover’s eyes … Read more

“The Darkling Thrush” by Josh Lanyon

Genre: MM Fantasy Mystery Length: Novel   This was a fun mystery. The world is slightly steampunk, so there are trains and the like, giving it a more modern feel, and it’s subtly magical; however, magic isn’t as prevalent in this culture as in some fantasy. The novel is told from the point of view of Colin Bliss, a librivenator… which is sort of an Indiana Jones for books. Bliss is your typical thinks-he-knows-everything and an in-way-over-his-head type of person. He travels to Scotland and uncovers the dark past of a small fishing village, and his curiosity and spunk drive … Read more

Review: “Gravitational Attraction” by Angel Martinez

Genre: MM Science Fiction Romance Length: Novel   Issac Ozawa is slightly mentally damaged due to a cybernetic implant malfunction. As a result, Issac’s brain experiences the occasional inopportune glitch. For a pilot, this was almost a career breaker. Fortunately he found a carrier ship, Hermes, whose captain would have him, and whose crew is also a bunch of other delightful misfits—but they get the job done. The Hermes crew encounters a drifting troop vessel, and when they board they discover complete mayhem and bloodshed. Searching the vessel, they find one lone survivor, unscathed physically, except he’s clearly traumatized. They … Read more

“Good Bones” by Kim Fielding

Genre: MM Paranormal Romance Length: Novel   Dylan Warner is an architect; fairly together, responsible, and usually not that reckless. However, one night he meets a guy, fools around, and then that guy turns into a wolf, bites him, and takes off. Next month—oops—Dylan’s a werewolf too. Shit. Dylan is also a responsible member of society, so instead of hanging around in the city of Portland and endangering tons of people, he moves off into the Oregon country so that he can’t hurt anyone when he goes beastie. He gets points for that. I appreciated the usual jokes about Portlanders: … Read more

“The Queen of Lies” by Michael J. Bode

Genre: LGBTQ+ Epic Fantasy Length: Novel   The story in The Queen of Lies is incredibly complex and detailed, as an epic fantasy should be, and we have several wonderful point of views to explore. There’s Maddox, the arcane student who fucks up his exams and accidentally winds up immortal—at first no one is certain whether they should praise him or condemn him. There’s Jessa, heiress to the throne of a long line of storm-callers. Her mother is conniving and maniacal (I may be downplaying the crazy part). And there are Heath and Sword, who are essentially mercenaries; Heath is … Read more

“Song of Oestend” By Marie Sexton

Genre: MM Fantasy Romance Length: Novel Song of Oestend takes place in an alternate reality and resembles the Old West, but with some odd technologies, ancient mysticism, and ghosts thrown in for fun. I would feel comfortable labeling it as steampunk, paranormal, or fantasy, but I labeled it as fantasy because both steampunk and paranormal fit into that genre. Aren Montrell is a social leper from the city, and to get away from it all, he travels to Oestend for a job as a bookkeeper. Of all the cities he could have chosen, I honestly have no idea why he … Read more

“Family of Lies: Sebastian” by Sam Argent

Genre: MM Fantasy Romance Length: Novel Sebastian Orwell is the son of a washed-up wizard, but when he saves the crown prince, Turren, from an assassination attempt, he unravels a plot that will change everything. Turren isn’t the only one the assassins were after, and Sebastian has to defend the lives and secrets of his entire family, and fight to keep his own secrets safe from exposure. Plots, twisted in plots, twisted in plots. Needless to say, the plot of Family of Lies was fantastic. The entire Orwell family was loaded with secrets, and Argent leaked them out to us … Read more

“Reawakening” by Amy Rae Durreson

Genre: MM Fantasy Romance Length: Novel   Reawakening is a story about a dragon, Tarn, who wakes up after hundreds of years of hibernation. He discovers that his hoard—family—have all moved on or are dead. Lonely, he leaves his mountain home in search of civilization, and finds himself in the desert, where he meets a rather feisty air spirit, Gard. He gets kicked out of the desert (because who wants a dragon hanging around?—lol) and he decides to try again with the air spirit in his human form. Only when Tarn arrives in the desert by caravan, he can’t find … Read more

“Bone Rider” by J. Fally

Genre: MM Urban Science Fiction Length: Novel   WHEN THE main characters in a novel are a cowboy, a Russian, and an alien, you know it’s going to be awesome. McClane is a highly sophisticated piece of alien bionic technology, called “bone riders”, and is self aware. In order to save himself from what he feels will be his destruction, he crash lands his spaceship on Earth, and invades a truck driver’s body to stay safe. Riley Cooper is on the run from his mob boyfriend–ex boyfriend–and he really didn’t need another complication in his life. But McClane shows up … Read more

“Hell & High Water” by Charlie Cochet

Genre: MM Urban Paranormal Romance Length: Novel   “Hell & High Water” by Charlie Cochet is about a law enforcement agent, Dex, who gets transferred to a specialized unit that deals with Human/Therian affairs, T.H.I.R.D.S. Therians are a subspecies of human that were created accidentally through a vaccine, and because of general prejudice, a task force was developed to ensure their rights. In the beginning of the novel, Dex’s boyfriend, who wasn’t good for him, broke up with him; and his boss, who didn’t really support him, forced him to leave his current job. Dex gets transferred on a team … Read more