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Children’s Food

Chicken FingersHey all… we’re having some work done on the blog on a new feature, so it’s temporarily down. So today’s topic will be on the FB page only.

The topic comes from QSFer Jim Comer:

Jim noticed this article about what we feed kids these days:

and asked “I wonder how many writers realize how weird it is to have ‘special’ food for kids. Most Earth cultures feed weaned kids the same that adults eat. So I wonder: what attention have people given to these topics? Are we scared of kids, as LGBT people? I don’t know. I am curious about how various constructed cultures address these and other (non-sexual) growing up and education issues. I am not really curious about “icky sex” stuff or sales pitches.”

So looking forward, how will this trend play out in the future? Are we creating a generation of malnourished kids? Will they be compliant? Demanding? Sociopathic?

How about the effects on sexuality? Relationships? If kids are allowed to dictate the menu, will they grow up as adults who want to dictate everything?

And as an LGBT community, are we still afraid to talk about kids and kid issues, scarred as we are by the old claims of pedophilia?

So many directions we could take this…

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1 thought on “Children’s Food”

  1. I don’t think it’s just LGBT this happens in. My grandchildren demand and expect special food. They refuse to eat most of what I cook on a normal day yes I cook foods they prefer


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