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SCIENCE: Monsters in Real Life


People are fascinated by monstrous creatures, and popular culture and folklore are populated by bizarre beasts, from electrically reanimated corpses and giant, hairy humanoids to blood-guzzling vampires and amorous fish-men. Are any of these monsters even remotely possible in the real world? Not every monster is scientifically plausible, but many do have their foundations in the natural world’s real-life “monsters,” a group of experts reported here March 31 during the Future Con panel “Ack, Real Monsters.” They weighed in on what makes a monster and introduced the audience to some terrifying examples of animals that are just as strange and … Read more

Discussion: Visiting the Scene of the Crime

Last year, while working on a story set in San Francisco after global warming, the hubby and I drove down to San Francisco to scout out some of the scenes (OK, it’s also a great excuse to visit The City!). I was projecting a sea-level rise of 20-30 feet, so I wanted to see if it would be possible to hop from building ledge to ledge above the new water line, among other things. I was setting part of my story in the then abandoned Giants stadium too, so I needed to get a first-hand look. Doing so improved the … Read more