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FOR READERS & WRITERS: Trans/Enby/Gender Fluid Representation in Spec Fic

transgender sci fi - pixabay


Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Freddy MacKay:

Let’s discuss trans, enby and gender fluid characters in speculative fiction. How they are handled. How the world/tech/magic/nature works for them or against them. SF could be interesting because technology could be developed enough you wouldn’t ever know the difference unless a trans*/enby person wanted you to.

What kind of society would that be? How would trans, enby and gender fluid people identify themselves and why? A parallel (though not the same) would be looking at the deaf community and how they feel about cochlear implants. Some are all for them, others feel it’s destroying culture and community.

Please keep the discussion respectful

This is a legacy topic, slightly modified and updated to include enby and gender fluid characters.

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