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Disney Promises Huge Increase in Characters From Underrepresented Groups

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Disney wants 50 per cent of its TV characters to be from underrepresented groups such as the LGBT+ community and people of colour, according to a leaked meeting. The revelations come from clips of a Walt Disney Company meeting titled “reimagine tomorrow”, leaked to social media by Conservative activist Christopher Rufo, who has been credited with creating the Conservative panic over critical race theory. Although the clips Rufo posted were obviously intended to spark outrage among anti-LGBT+ Twitter users, they actually point to some positive steps being taken by Disney. Full Story from Pink News

MOVIES: Eternals’ Kit Harrington Calls on Marvel for More LGBTQ+ Rep

Kit Harrington - Eternals

Kit Harington has called for more LGBT+ representation in superhero movies. Harington recently starred in Marvel’s Eternals alongside Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos – the first openly queer superhero in an MCU film. Phastos’ addition the franchise was eagerly welcomed by LGBT+ fans, and it seems that Marvel is keen to correct its dearth of queer representation, with the recent Loki TV series confirming its titular anti-hero as bisexual and gender-fluid. Eternals star Harington is among those thrilled by Marvel finally moving with the times. In a chat with Out, he said he was “incredibly proud and happy,” to have joined the … Read more

TV: Power Ranger Confirmed as Queer in New Series

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Power Rangers has introduced its first queer ranger in a landmark moment for LGBT+ representation on television. The series, titled Power Rangers Dino Fury, is currently airing on Nickelodeon – and fans were blown away to see that Izzy, the Green Ranger, was confirmed as queer in a recent episode. In episode 13 of Power Rangers Dino Fury, titled “The Matchmaker”, Izzy came out as a member of the LGBT+ community in a heartfelt scene that saw her holding hands romantically with Fern, played by Jacqueline Joe. The scene ends with the other rangers watching on with pride as Izzy … Read more


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FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Scott: What’s your favorite queer representation on TV today? Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Chat on FacebookChat on MeWe

VIDEO GAMES: Why Ace representation Is Important

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“I’m not much interested in… physical stuff,” says Parvati. Ed’s face slowly widens into a grin as the realisation hits him. He points at the flag behind him. This is what asexual representation looks like. “When I figured out that [Parvati] was [ace], it was like getting a surprise birthday party for me,” says Twitch streamer CauseImEd. “It felt like there was somebody there that was there specifically for me”. Ed was playing Obsidian’s space RPG The Outer Worlds and while he knew the game included ace representation, he didn’t know how. It wasn’t until the character Parvati revealed it … Read more

FOR READERS & WRITERS: Fave TV Representation

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FOR READERS & WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Scott: What’s your favorite example of TV LGBTQ+ representation form the last 2-3 years, and why? Sell us on your show! Writers: This is a reader/writer chat – you are welcome to share your own book/link, as long as it fits the chat, but please do so as part of a discussion about the topic. Chat on FacebookChat on MeWe

TV: Netflix’s “Fear Street” Breaks New Ground for Horror LGBTQ+ Representation

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The stars of Netflix’s new Fear Street film trilogy have heaped praise on the writers for their “groundbreaking” approach to queer representation. The films, based on the book series by RL Stine, follows lesbian high-school couple Deena (Kiana Madeira) and Samantha (Olivia Scott Welch) as they grapple with an evil force responsible for horrifying murders in the town of Shadyside. LGBT+ fans have already heaped praise on Fear Street for its candid approach to queerness – a rarity in horror films – and the movie’s stars are proud of what the film series has achieved too. Full Story from Pink … Read more

Video Games That Broke New Ground for LGBTQ+ Representation

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It’s LGBT History Month, so we’re here to give you a quick lesson in gaming history with eight queer video games you really should know about. LGBT+ representation in games has definitely picked up steam in recent years, with indie developers in particular offering fun, authentic and thought-provoking queer games. But since the 80s the LGBT+ community have been visible in video games – even if you haven’t heard of them… Caper in the Castro For many years, Caper in the Castro was thought to be lost. Originally released in 1989, it is widely considered to be the first LGBT+ … Read more

Iconic “Alien” Character Is Trans

Navigator Joan Lambert

Ridley Scott’s 1979 space-bound slasher “Alien” has achieved cult status for its genre-defining visual effects, depth of characters and stunning sci-fi realism – but trans reputation doesn’t often come to mind. Yet if you look beyond Sigourney Weaver’s iconic performance as Ellen Ripley you’ll find a subtle detail that many viewers missed. Among the small crew of the Nostromo is navigator Joan Lambert, a brilliant bag of nerves played by actor Veronica Cartwright. By the end of the film she and Ripley are the ones remaining aboard the doomed ship, left alone to battle it out against the Xenomorph. James … Read more

Pixar May Explore Non-Binary Representation


Pixar has hinted that future films will include “all genders”, prompting excited speculation that an animated non-binary character could be on their way. Disney has seen baby steps of progress when it comes to LGBT+ representation over the past few years, with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker featuring a minor same-sex kiss, and Pixar film Onward and Marvel film Avengers: Endgame both briefly alluding to same-sex relationships. The studio only revealed its first openly gay central character earlier this year in the heartwarming Disney Pixar short Out, that follows a queer man as he tries to work up the … Read more