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New Release: Changeling Boulevard – Kit Darkfeather

Changeling Boulevard - Kit Darkfeather

QSFer Kit Darkfeather has a new gay erotic urban fantasy out (gay, gender fluid): Changeling Boulevard.

23 years ago, the Great Swap occurred. On a single day every human child on earth was replaced by the fey: ivory-skinned creatures, white-haired, green-eyed, pointy-eared. The world panicked.

These “changelings” were rounded up into internment camps, where they languished until humans were convinced no more children would be stolen. Now, the grown fey try to make their way in a hostile environment. They have colonized a neighborhood in a city, dubbing their street the Fey Way.

Noel Parks, a human, is drawn to these beings, and journeys to the boulevard, along with bohemians and ne’er-do-wells. There he is finally able to express his sexual desire for the male fey. But he must survive the trials and tribulations of living amongst these outcast creatures as he embarks on his erotic adventures.

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They were gym locker rooms with communal showers attached. The tiles were old and cracked, but they were also clean, without mold. A couple of the shower fixtures were spewing hot water, raising steam.

The fey casually peeled off his top and tossed it into an open locker. He glanced back at Noel. “Just put your stuff in any one. Nobody’s going to fuck with it.”

The nonchalant profanity gave Noel a curious little thrill. In movies and literature the fey were sometimes depicted as solemn and formal, exotic creatures who spoke with a royal precision and carried themselves with icy dignity.

This fey hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his stretchy sweatpants, and a hot urgent thought flashed into Noel’s head: I’m about to see my first naked fey!

This time he couldn’t help but ogle as the ivory-skinned beauty pulled off his sweats and tossed them into the locker. Luckily he was facing away, so Noel was briefly free to gaze in utter wonder at the snowy glory of his bare flesh, at the smoothness of him, the flawless bleached complexion, the lean and lovely look of him, seemingly nothing but quiet muscle and elegant bone structure.

And that ass. Jesus, how scrumptious! Made Noel want to sink his teeth into it, run his tongue up and down the sweet inviting valley of—

The fey went sauntering off into the broad, open stall area. Noel undressed. He realized he had half a hard-on going. He didn’t cover himself with his hands; that would just call attention. Instead, he hurried after his guide, who gestured to the adjacent showerhead.

There were knobs and a chunk of pink soap.

When the warm water hit, Noel gasped aloud. He let it soak his dark hair, so that wet hanks clung to his skull. It sluiced his trim body. He raised his arms, turned this way and that. It felt wonderful.

He grabbed the soap and lathered and scrubbed himself, and the pleasure continued, the simple joy of decent hygiene. He’d started to smell on that bus. Now all the dead skin and sweat and the sex odors picked up last night at Tyke’s were washing down the gurgling drain.

All the while he was aware of the naked fey beside him. He had seen fey porn, of course, on the internet. Most of that was fake, though, he’d heard. Human stars done up in fey drag. But some of what he’d seen had to have been real.

Even so, there was nothing like the real thing. And that real thing was running soapy hands all up and down that pigmentless body. The fey was hairless, but for the buzzed crown of white locks on his head. His form was a study in snowblind smoothness.

Pink lather streamed from his cock and balls.

Steam hazed the air. Noel’s flesh tingled all over. His hard-on started coming back.

The fey peered at him, blinking away droplets. He grinned. It made his face even more beautiful.

When he shut off his water, Noel did the same.

“I’m Glint, by the way.”

“Glint. I’m—”

“Junior. I know. Want to get outside awhile? Tomorrow you go to work, right?”

“Yes. Misty’s.”

“Oh, that’s a shit gig. Well, can’t be helped. Come on. You might as well enjoy the scene while you can.”

Author Bio

Kit Darkfeather is a writer of gay erotic science fiction and fantasy.

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