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New Release: Dragons and Heroes Anthology

Dragons and Heroes Anthology

QSFer K.A. Masters has a new queer fantasy tale in the Dragons and Heroes anthology: The Hedgehog and the Cobbler.

About the anthology: Adventure awaits…

Free fall into exciting worlds full of dragons and heroes. Dragons come face-to-face with meddlesome humans. Hunters seek revenge for fiery destruction. Some want to live in peace while some crave to make others quake with fear.

Can the vicious cycle of misunderstanding be broken?

Featuring stories by Francesco Parisi, Annie Snow, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Edgar Mahaffey, Sean E. Britten, K.A. Masters, S.E.M. Ishida, Rose McClary, Daividh Eideard Mitchell, Iren Adams, Charles Kyffhausen, Ryan Brinson, and J.E. Feldman.

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Author Bio

K.A. Masters is a fantasy writer who specializes in twisted fairy tales and historic fiction. She attributes her passion for Greco-Roman mythology and Germanic folklore to her alma mater, Dickinson College. She is proud to make her debut at JMS Books with her story “Not an Angel, But a Cupid.” For more on Alec’s story, see “Raising Alec” in Fantasia Divinity’s Summer Splash anthology. Em and Eleuthereia’s story will continue in Iron Faerie’s Faerie anthology.

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